Monday, July 4, 2016

A Quiet Reflection

A trip that is beset with many upsets:  visa entry date issue, ticket reissue, flight cancel and delay.  For some people  these might be a normal occurrence, but Choekyi had to endure all these along with two kids, for which I felt sorry for her. But her bravery and courage in the face of such obstacles paved way for a sweet end.  Now as I blog, she has safely reached her destination in Chengdu in safe and sound. Because of the flight delay from Shanghai , they arrived, early morning around 3:30am on July 4th local time. Choekyi 's last word before they go to sleep is that "we all have reached safely, and now with mom, she is fine and we will talk to you more later". That is all i need to hear, and I could sense Chocho Tenzin Nyima was little emotional at this happy reunion.     We have been communicating via text and phone. It was reassuring to be informed on the progress of loved ones  long trip.

As a parent, worry and concern for your family is never ending. The worry of what might happen would actually hardly happen.   Fortunately, from NY, Choekyi meet with another Tibetan girl, a native of Dege, boarding on the same flight. That was godsend to , and a source of relief for me as  having a companion would help in varied of ways. It appears that girl, even know Chokeyi's parents through conversation.

Flight Cancel in Shanghai.

When they landed in Shanghai airport, Choekyi gave me an urgent call, to inform that the flight to Chengdu is cancelled. That would have been such a shock, and trouble, if the another Dege friend was not with  her.  As the airport cancelled the trip, they are send to spend a night at a hotel in Shanghais for one night.   Choekyi and I again communicated via text and facebook.   She said that the lady friend was very helpful, she is strong and even speak Chinese, so that they had little problem

In the day time, they  even went out in a Shanghai national zoo, and send few lovely  snaps.
Looks the girls are in good shape and enjoying, I know Choekyi takes best care of the kids and it is gratifying to see them having a moment of relaxation and fun.  

Now in Shanghai airport, my wife even meet with another Tibetan, who is from Michigan his name is Lobsang JIngpa Lithang, and this fella knows me as well. Now with all these Tibetans together, they would face much problem, one can help each other, in a sense of comradeship.

Keeping informed is entertaining.

During this journey, our communication was instant, and I relayed the message to our brothers in Chengdu on Choekyi's flight status and everything worked out beautifully.   Now it is thrilling for me to know that my wife and two daughters are with my Mom. Fulfilling my mothers dream is a sacred duty.  They will spend the most memorable day of their life in Chengdu for the next ten days.  I regret for not be able to make it this time. What is so uplifting is now that  that my two daughters are with their grandmo.  

I spend the Independence day in the Gym, and reflecting on my life.  In a quiet reflection in the swimming pool today, I had a tinge of sadness that I could not meet my uncle and Dad, they passed away.  But I make it one of my top new year resolution to go see my mother, and this is happening, I hope this reunion between my daughters and mom  will leave  the door open for many more reunion with my mother and all others for the coming months and years.

My younger daughter, often speak of my grandmo in her daily monologue, and this time she is there with her real grandmo.   Happy for you all...

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